Membership Pricing



3 one hour class sessions required for all beginners. These individual classes with one of our expert coaches teach beginners the basic elements of CrossFit and make even the biggest novice comfortable with Olympic Lifting movements.  3 classes for $99 including a WOD book so athletes can track their milestones and progress.


Membership Plan 

***Get your first 3 months at $99/month!!***

Unlimited Classes per Week - $149/month (no contracts) 

* 20% off 2nd Household Family Member = $119 per month (must be at same billing address as primary membership and joint paid account.)


Punch Cards

Do you have a sporadic schedule and can't commit to a monthly membership?  Punch cards may be the right fit for you!

*10 - session Drop-in Card (expires after 60 days) - $155



$25 off – Refer a Friend and Save Some Cash! One of the best compliments we could receive is your referral. When a current member (not in Elements) refers a friend and they sign up for their first month out of Elements, that member will receive a credit to his account of $25.  *Please note that this only applies to Heroes Crossfit members who are current and up to date on their payments. 


Billing and Cancellation Policy

Our membership is billed based on a monthly auto-renewing membership. HC auto drafts monthly dues on the 1st of every month. If you would like to cancel your membership, please give HC notice, via email or note in the dues box, no later than the 5th of the current month that you will not be returning the following month. If you do not leave notice, you will be invoiced and expected to pay your dues the following month. All cancellations/changes will be acknowledged by email confirmation from HC.


Payment Options

• ACH (Automated Clearing House via checking/savings account)- We will be offering ACH services as a convenient way to pay membership dues. Cancellation policy is the same as above. If you give cancellation notice by the 5th of the current month, your will not be billed for the following month.

• Debit/Credit payments- For those members who would like to pay via debit/credit card, your card will be kept on file and billed on a monthly basis. Cancellation policy is the same as above. Your card will be charged on the 1st of each month.