Sam Davis

I was born and raised in sunny Southern California. I played roller hockey from about 12 years old until I was 17. In high school I played football and did track and field events but honestly wasn’t very good at either; I joined too late in the season and didn’t have a chance to build my skills. In college, things got a little crazy. I joined UC Irvine Crew (rowing) and immediately found something I could enjoy and excel in.

Interestingly enough, at the same time I also joined the Marine Corps as a reservist. So a fine balance was struck between school, rowing and the Marines. Unfortunately due to a deployment in 2004-2005 I was only able to compete in rowing for 3 years; but they were an amazing 3 years! Not only did I love rowing, but I also met the love of my life, Michelle, through crew. Even though our personalities are very similar, we have created a wonderful family based on God, trust, and love.

I came into CrossFit while deployed to Japan in 2012. The Marine Corps was rolling out a new program called “High Intensity Tactical Training” which was a complicated way of saying CrossFit without having to pay for the name. This style of training really appealed to me, I have been a gym rat since college thanks to rowing so the idea of doing high intensity training and moving some real weight was a dream come true for me. Coming back to the states I knew I wanted to continue to CrossFit, so after we moved to Texas, Michelle and I decided to give it a shot. Enter Heroes Crossfit! From the very beginning I knew this was the right place for me, the coaches were not only great coaches but everyone there was very personable which for someone in a new state, this was huge for Michelle and I. After about a year at Heroes, I decided I wanted to coach as well as be a competitive level athlete, so got my Level 1 Cert and became a coach at Heroes. After a year of coaching and doing CrossFit, I have learned so much not only about myself as an athlete and coach, but about my athletes. I strive to make the individual athlete’s goal a reality!