Our goal is to take each individual that walks through our doors from their current level of fitness (which may be none) to a level they never thought possible.

Whether you are an elite athlete, a mom looking to lose the baby weight, or someone with little to no physical background struggling with bad eating and exercise habits, Heroes CrossFit is a welcome environment for you. We can modify every workout to fit the needs of any individuals, no matter their fitness level or lack of mobility.

There are many selfless and courageous people in our community and our country who devote their lives to service for others. We chose the name Heroes CrossFit to honor these individuals. We proudly support our military, fire fighters, law enforcement, and EMS. These men and women put the lives of others ahead of their own every time they go to work. But, these are not the only heroes we recognize. Educators, doctors, pastors, professionals, parents, grandparents, children, and countless others are doing their part every day to give back to our community. Our name is a dedication of gratitude to all these individuals.

The community at Heroes is second to none. We sweat together, socialize together and support each other to the end. As one member recently put it, “I wasn’t thinking about making friends the day I walked into Heroes CrossFit, mostly because I was intimidated by so many strong, beautiful people. Now, I can’t imagine my life without all of you. I guess you’re not so scary after all.” Everyone stays until the end of every workout and supports each other. When your mind tells you to quit, you have a family of friends around you telling you that you are strong, capable, and can do more than you think.