Build core strength, flexibility and balance

while stretching and restoring muscles and increasing endurance. Vinyasa Yoga is a practice that moves through challenging sequences to improve athlete focus and mobility.

Benefits of Yoga include, increased flexibility, reduced blood pressure, reduced insomnia, increased muscle strength and tone, reducing stress levels, increased body awareness and reduced potential for injury, just to name a few.

Yoga is the Ying, to CrossFit's Yang.  It undeniably counterbalances the tightening effects of heavy weightlifting and intense workouts like those offered in CrossFit.

The CrossFit journal recently published an article by Kristen Gilbert, an experienced Yogi and CrossFitter, in which she states, 

Practicing yoga develops an intimate relationship with the breath, one that serves me well during a WOD. When the intensity dial is cranked up to 11 and I can remember to connect my breath to movement, the WOD is always easier and my time improves. Also, the steadiness of mind cultivated during yoga practice has been of immeasurable beneἀt transcending hardship, especially during CrossFit, when it feels like I’m going to die.

Heroes strives to offer a Yoga practice that welcomes all skill levels.  There are modifications for all poses whether you have never taken a yoga class or are an experienced Yogi, so don't be afraid to start adding Yoga to your practice today.  Just as in CrossFit, "I can't do the movements" is not a valid excuse!